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 Mellerbrand Lookbook photography
Captura de pantalla 2014-06-09 a la(s) 17.18.15.png
 Lost in road Short film for  Luna de Marte
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 Fashion film and Making of fashion editorial published in Exclusive - El Periódico.    Model : Martina Kudelova @UNO Models  Make-up and hair : Alizia Moreno  Stylist : Jèss Monterde  Photography by  Mireia Grau
 Fashion film and Making of published in Exclusive - El Periódico.  Model: Ksenia Golubeva  Make-up and hair: Rubén Mármol  Stylist: Olivia Montardit  Photography by  Mireia Grau
 Making of fashion editorial for  www.concepdual.es   Make-up and hair: Arantxa Hernández  Model: Kim Rivalland @Uniko models  Stylist: Concepdual  Photography by  Abel Cosp
  Urban Lights - A Picture to remember Music Video
 Making of Labyrinth - Fashion editorial for  itfashion   Model: Jose Molenaar @ UNO Models  Make-up and hair: Alizia Moreno  Stylist: Olivia Montardit  Photography by  Mireia Grau
080 Bcn | Fashion event
  Mellerbrand Lookbook photography
 Carla Portrait series
 Katarina Grey-Blanche Fashion film
 080 Barcelona Backstage photography
  Personal work of a 4 months trip  film by Anna Pla-Narbona
  Guillermina Baeza Short film and photography during 080 Bcn
 Laagam Fashion film and online content
 "When the stars align" by  Guillem Casasus  We filmed the process of screen print for the project.
 Hale Online content
 DIESEL Red Fish party Video event