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  "Lost in road" | Short film for  Luna de Marte
Misswood | Handcrafted original wooden pieces
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Intimate view of Pla-Narbona
 Fashion film and Making of fashion editorial published in Exclusive - El Periódico.    Model : Martina Kudelova @UNO Models  Make-up and hair : Alizia Moreno  Stylist : Jèss Monterde  Photography by  Mireia Grau
 Fashion film and Making of published in Exclusive - El Periódico.  Model: Ksenia Golubeva  Make-up and hair: Rubén Mármol  Stylist: Olivia Montardit  Photography by  Mireia Grau
 Making of fashion editorial for  www.concepdual.es   Make-up and hair: Arantxa Hernández  Model: Kim Rivalland @Uniko models  Stylist: Concepdual  Photography by  Abel Cosp
 Making of Labyrinth - Fashion editorial for  itfashion   Model: Jose Molenaar @ UNO Models  Make-up and hair: Alizia Moreno  Stylist: Olivia Montardit  Photography by  Mireia Grau
080 Bcn | Fashion event
 Katarina Grey-Blanche Fashion film
   A film by Anna Pla-Narbona
 We filmed the porcess of screenprint for the project"When the stars align" by  Guillem Casasus